Let me start off by stating what should have been obvious: It is really tough creating a Youtube video. That being said, my very first Youtube video is live!! Check out my channel.
My YouTube Pixi by Petra Review
My first video is a review of Pixi by Petra’s Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes, and their Shades of Brows Palette. I decided to start a YouTube channel for two reasons. First and most importantly, I love makeup; I buy a lot of makeup; and I have a lot of opinions about makeup! I was writing long reviews on my instagram posts and I thought, “you know, people probably aren’t reading these, wouldn’t it be more fun to make a video talking about it?” The second reason is that I have a lot more time on my hands since I have been working from home and I hate being bored! I also watch a love of makeup reviews and tutorials on YouTube and they make it look fun and easy. Well it’s fun but it sure ain’t easy! One day I spent about an hour doing my makeup, sat down in front of my laptop, and realized that the lighting sucked, there was no audio, and this was going to be a lot more complicated than I realized.
So I did the logical thing, I went to YouTube! I watched a bunch of videos about lighting, cameras, backgrounds, what to do, what not to do, and I started over. It took about three weeks for the first video to make it onto the internet – and it is NOT perfect. The audio sounds great on my computer but some people reported that they couldn’t hear me. That’s not even to mention all the things that did not make it into the video! Here’s what I learned making my very first YouTube video.

  • My dogs have very full lives until I sit down in front of a camera. Once that happens, they want to be on my lap, licking my face.
  • Cameras pick up every sound! Even though my first video had some sound issues, what I found was every sound in the house ended up on the video! The dogs whining, the fan in the other room, and even worse the camera that I had chosen so carefully makes clicking sounds when it focuses. So that one had to go back and I got a new one on ebay.
  • You learn a lot watching yourself on video. I begin 2/3 of my sentences with the word “so.” I wave my hands around when I talk. I ramble when I get tired. That’s another thing –
  • It’s tiring! It takes a lot of energy to be upbeat and speak in front of a camera. With the time it takes to make myself up and shoot a video, I’m pretty beat by the end of it.
  • No matter how much light you have, you could stand to have more.
  • Editing takes 4-5 times as long as shooting.
  • It’s not cheap to start.

I’m actually going to be making a video about starting a channel. There are tons out there but sharing our unique experiences on video is kind of what YouTube is about. Even though it’s been an adventure, with good parts and tough parts, I plan to keep doing it. for a new video on my channel every Monday! I figure Mondays are everyone’s least favorite day so why no throw some new makeup in there?

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