IMG_7495I am a member of the Shape Magazine “trendshaper panel” and about once a year I receive a product to try out and review, so full disclosure I got this makeup for free in exchange for taking a survey about it. I thought I would share a review of it here since I’m talking about makeup and beauty now. I was pretty excited to try this because it has salicylic acid in it, so it’s billed as being better for your skin. Hell, the stuff is called better skin. As it turned out, I had my usual one zit on the chin hormone outbreak, so the timing was perfect to try it out.
When I opened it up, I really liked the packaging. It’s a bit big for a carry with you compact, but it does have a mirror on the top of the case. It also came with a sponge beauty blender which is not something I’m used to with drugstore products, usually they come with a useless “poof”, so I had high hopes for it. IMG_7497 I put it on over my concealer and planned to blend it with my usual bareMinerals powder foundation, ORIGINAL Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in fairly light. I was struck by how thick and matte it was. I patted it on my zit, and I felt like it really didn’t blend very well, it is quite thick! I didn’t like how it didn’t blend out well with my foundation either but I said, what the heck, I agreed to use this stuff so I will make the best of it.
Two days later, my chin was so broken out you’d think I was 16 again! I couldn’t believe how quickly it had clogged my pores. Whatever salicylic acid was in there did absolutely nothing to help my breakout, and the pores that weren’t clogged before clogged up!  You can see in this photo where I was trying out two different shades of new lipstick, because the blemishes are showing through my makeup, it was near the end of the day. I was really not happyIMG_7563 about my lone hormonal breakout (why does this still happen at 35 by the way?!?!?) turning into four or five chin blemishes. About five days into the test, I gave up. My chin was not getting any better and I really did not want even more breakouts. In the end I gave very poor reviews to this product, as you can imagine! I’m surprised I didn’t chuck it right into the trash, but I did put it in my drawer of rarely used makeups. I do want to see if it blends any better with a foundation brush rather than the sponge it came with but overall, this product was a pretty big fail.

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