I am really exciting to be adding a new section to the Not26AnymoreBeauty website and blog. I am calling it Thrift Chicos!

Losing weight means buying new clothes

I have been a consignment shopper since I finished my bachelor’s degree and started my first “real” career job. I have always felt like who we project to the world is a big part of being effective in whatever it is we are doing. Makeup is definitely a part of that but as I lose weight I am in essence “losing” all of my favorite clothing. This creates an opportunity for shopping but I have some clothing that I absolutely love. I am not exaggerating when I say that there is a grief process involved with saying goodbye to some of my favorite pieces.

I love high end clothing but not the prices

I discovered Chico’s for the first time at a local consignment shop. I had no idea why I was a size 1 (Chico’s misses 8-10) but I loved the brightly colored cardigan so I bought it. I had never been in an actual Chico’s store but we are also lucky that there’s a Chico’s outlet here in the Jackson, MS area so the opportunity to score sick deals on Chico’s abound.

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