The last two days have been a little overwhelming. I did my usual Monday video and this week it was a review of my new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. I was so excited to receive this item and after using it I was disappointed. I swatched the palette just like I had planned to, but I used a brush instead of a finger to show how different the colors looked. What happened after that honestly really surprised me.

I was disappointed in the palette and i said so

Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette honest fan review and swatches JaclynHillxMorphe PaletteWhat surprised me was that I was accused of saying things that I never said by people who admitted to never watching my video or reading what I had said about the palette. I was and am prepared to stand by what I have said but I’m not sure what I can do about people deciding I’ve said something I haven’t based on zero information. I can’t force you to watch my video or read my blog but I will not take responsibility for what you think I said based on absolutely nothing. That, I think, was the hardest part for me. The attitude was “I know what you said so I don’t need to watch” but seriously, WTF? Are you kidding me?
What I said about the palette is that I am disappointed with it. I was then and I am now. Disappointment is a feeling – you can’t tell me how I should feel about this palette. I feel how I feel and I have every right to feel that way. I said that I would not buy the palette again, that is my opinion and again I’m allowed to feel that way. That doesn’t mean you have to be disappointed with the palette – but I am.

i was attacked and accused of saying things i never said

People have attacked me and said some really crazy things about me and my video.

  • I have been accused of calling the palette “crap” which I did not ever say anything remotely like that but this was by someone who admitted to not watching my video or reading anything I said about it.
  • I have been told that I “swatched wrong” which was really a cop-out way to say what others came right out and said, that I purposely made the swatches look bad.
  • I was told that I don’t know how to use makeup.
  • I was told that I was using the wrong brush(es).
  • I was accused of “putting negativity out into the world.”
  • Someone told me that I didn’t buy my palette from Morphe because it looked like a knock-off.

My jaclynhillxmorphe palette is absolutely real

I was told that I bought a fake knock-off palette and was pretending it was real. Someone said I must not have gotten it from Morphe. Here are screencaps of my order confirmation and my delivery confirmation in case someone thinks that I canceled my order. I was online at 10am central time to get this palette and if you feel like it, you can go look at my instagram and see photos of me buying it on the day that it went on sale.
Click on the photos to view larger images
JaclynHillxMorphe Screencap Receipt of My Order confirmation and delivery authentic Morphe paletteJaclynHillxMorphe Screencap Receipt of My Order confirmation and delivery authentic Morphe palette

I have no reason to lie about my jaclynhillxmorphe palette

I have nothing to gain from making the swatches look bad on purpose. I have not gotten thousands of views on my video. I am not an “influencer” I don’t claim to be, I think you need a couple thousand followers before you can claim to influence anyone. I am a person that loves makeup and talking about it and I created my YouTube channel to talk about makeup. I started my channel to have fun.
The things people are accusing me of are a lot of work to go through, honestly it’s a bit crazy to think that anyone would go to the trouble of buying a fake palette pretending it was real, taking the time to do swatches, and trying to pass it off as real. Or really acting like I’m so stupid I can’t stick my finger into an eyeshadow pan and wipe it on my arm. This isn’t rocket science. You put a brush in an eyeshadow pan, get some product on your brush, and wipe it on your eye. Two year olds literally do this.

for every mean attack there were three people encouraging me

The bright side of all this is that for every person saying horrible things to me, there were 3 or 4 either being nice even though they disagreed with me, or encouraging me saying they also didn’t love the palette. Most of the people that disagreed were very respectful and I got a lot of people telling me different things to try or ways to use the palette. Some were things that made sense: try synthetic brushes not natural fibers, try a different style of brush, wet the brush. Some were ridiculously complicated: scrape off some of the eyeshadow from the pan, mix it with setting spray, create a kind of paste and put that on your eye.
No offense to the person that came up with that but that’s too much trouble to have to go to so that a product looks like it is supposed to. If you have to go to all of that work to make your eyeshadow look like the swatches, there is an issue with the product. There’s not really a learning curve to eyeshadow. If a special brush needs to be used then Morphe should have specified and sold it. If I can’t buy a palette, pick up any eye shadow brush that I own, and make it look like it was advertised to look, that to me is an issue. I appreciate all of the people who were nice and gave suggestions. Even though there were definitely more nice people than angry, mean, attacking people, those attacks hurt me. I did nothing wrong and I was accused of horrible things, of fraud, of being an idiot. I am a person and those things hurt my feelings.

even those that love the palette admit there are flaws

Even people who said they love the palette admitted there were issues. One fan said that the darker colors stained her eyelids but that it faded after a day. I had several of the colors, pretty much the whole last row, stain my skin when I swatched so this did not surprise me. I mentioned it in my first impression post. People that love it and have used it do know it has some fallout, that doesn’t bother some people. People that love it and have used it agree that some colors are better than others. 200,000 people bought these palettes. There’s no way everyone is going to absolutely love everything about it and say it’s perfect, holy grail, no flaws. That’s ok. That does not mean you are wrong for loving the palette. I never said anyone was wrong for loving the palette, I just said I didn’t.

i have used the palette for four days in a row and my opinion has not changed i am disappointed in the jaclyn hill x morphe palette

Let me reiterate what I DID actually say about the JaclynHillxMorphe palette: I said that I was disappointed. I said that it was Good but not Great. I said I give it 3 out of 5 stars and 1 star for packaging. I said the packaging was cardboard, looked cheap, is likely not durable, already had a stain on it because it’s white, and that you could see the glue marks. No one argued those points with me btw, because they’re pretty much undeniable. My impression is basically the same after creating 4 different looks with this palette and using it as my only eyeshadow for four days:

  • some colors are better than others
  • the mattes are more pigmented and blendable than the shimmer/metallic/foil shades
  • some of the colors don’t really show up
  • the people who said different brushes produce different results are correct, some brushes make the product look better than others. I imagine this is true for literally every eyeshadow palette in existence

What I realized after using it for multiple days is that some of the shadows irritate my eyelids. I don’t have specially sensitive skin and I don’t avoid certain ingredients like Talc or Parabens but something in some of these shadows irritates my skin and makes my eyelid sore and itchy.
Here are some looks I created this week with the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette
Sunset makeup look with Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette JaclynHillxMorphe Red pink makeup look with Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette JaclynHillxMorphe

final thoughts

I am a pretty positive person and I try to stay positive so this is the last time that I will be discussion this or thinking about this because as Jeffree Star says, this is makeup people, it’s supposed to be FUN. It’s not that serious. I feel exactly the same about this palette as I did before but I have very different feelings about people on the internet. Having a makeup channel and blog is a lot less fun for me than it was a week ago. I doubt that I will ever post anything again without wondering, at least briefly, if I’m going to get attacked for it. I will however always speak my mind, give my opinion, and tell MY TRUTH about all the products I try. I go to YouTube for honest reviews and that’s what I intend to keep giving. I won’t be bullied into being less than honest. We all have different skin types and tones, different issues like dry or oily skin, discoloration, age, wrinkles, etc etc etc. Nothing is going to be exactly the same for everyone. I have never said anything other than these are my opinions, my impressions, my experiences, and my feelings.
I have never said a negative thing about Jaclyn Hill before today and I doubt I will after. I never said anything bad about the palette only that it had some issues and that I didn’t love it. I still don’t love it. I will use some of the colors, but it’s never going to be my holy grail. I think Jaclyn worked hard on it, I will buy her future collabs but I’m not a huge fan of Morphe. I didn’t love the brushes I bought from them either, my BH Cosmetics brushes are better quality and they were cheaper. I definitely am still a Jaclyn Hill fan but I don’t consider myself a “Hillster.” After Hillstergate I want nothing to do with her rabid following who refuse to let anyone say anything less than positive and attack people who say things that aren’t even negative. I haven’t even gotten a fraction of the hate of YouTubers like Samantha Ravndahl who said “buy this palette, you won’t be disappointed” and got viciously attacked because she wasn’t head over heels in love with the palette. It’s truthfully extremely messed up. I think that people need to grow up, because I know some of these misguided trolls are actually young teens, and some maybe need some counseling for emotional problems. If you feel personally attacked because someone doesn’t like a makeup item that you do, you need to examine why you are overreacting to an extreme. I think we could all benefit from treating other people the way we would like to be treated and not being mean to people we disagree with just because they are strangers on the internet. Find some empathy for other humans.
This is the last thing I will say about Hillstergate. Comments have been disabled.