Create a professional background for product photos

If you want to be a content creator, you already are a content creator, or even if you just enjoy looking at beautiful photos of makeup or other products online, you may wonder how all these people have beautiful marble countertops for these photos.
The answer is, they don’t! I made a quick DIY marble photo backdrop for $8 and I’m going to walk you through what I did.

contact paper can turn any surface into beautiful marble

To start off, I purchased two rolls of different marble print self-stick paper on Amazon. I chose DC Fix 346-0306 Decorative Self-Adhesive Film, Grey Marble 17″ x 78″ Roll and that is what you see pictured here. I also bought Marble Paper 17.17″ x 78.7″- Granite Gray/White Roll Kitchen countertop Cabinet Furniture is renovated Thick Waterproof PVC Removable Waterproof Stain-Resistant Marble Contact Paper but it did not have enough veining in the print. I felt like for a smaller space that it did not look enough like marble. On Amazon you can look at user photos that are included in reviews to see how people have used both of these for covering furniture and updating countertops!

The key to professional looking instagram photos is the right tools

My 2019 goal as an amateur content creator on Instagram and YouTube has been to improve the quality of my photo and video content. Up until this project I had been using some vinyl tiles that were left over from when my husband & I redid the floor in my old house. The problem with that was that I had to photoshop out all the ugly lines! See the photo to the right for an example.
The need to airbrush out those lines made getting photos ready for instagram very time consuming! I wanted something that was a larger surface to avoid the need to do that much touching up.

how to create a marble photo backdrop

To start off I grabbed the largest cardboard box that I had in the house which was the Chewy autoship box. We get two big bags of dog food so this thing is huge!

I put it on a small table that would be ok if I accidentally damaged it. First I found the seam that held the box together. Then I proceeded to cut the box at that seam to get the largest unfolded piece of cardboard possible.

Once the box was unfolded, I used the contact paper to measure a slightly larger piece of contact paper and used the guide lines on the back to cut it. The back peeled off pretty easily and I smoothed down the contact paper a couple inches at a time until the box was covered.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to work

Unfortunately I am not great at spacial reasoning so I did not cover it all before running out of contact paper so I had to order another roll! I was able to use the two pieces to get a good photo of my new Jeffree Star x Morphe brushes but as you can see in the zoomed out photo, there was still a seam which is what I was trying to avoid! I still think that this contact paper makes a much more beautiful photo than the vinyl tiles I was using before this.

Morphe x Jeffree star brush set

I think the Morphe x Jeffree Star brush set looks really gorgeous on the new backdrop! By positioning and cropping the photos away from the seam I was able to get shots with the bright white marble veined background that look incredible without it being obvious that they are on a DIY photo space.
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