Rituals Ritual of Advent Calendar Review

I love advent calendars!

For the last four years, I have done an advent calendar every December. My husband started it by buying me the bareminerals advent calendar from Ulta a few years ago. I loved it so much that after that I tried the Sleek makeup calendar and then last year I opened the LookFantastic calendar every day on my instagram story. When Tryazon offered the chance to try the Rituals advent calendar aka Ritual of Advent I was so excited! If you’d like to see my unboxing video, check out the YouTube video in the middle of the page.

Ritual of advent

Ritual of Advent 2019

Advent is essentially the time leading up to Christmas day. It is observed in many religious traditions but has become a secular celebration of the holiday season as well. I have found in my search for advent calendars that they are much more popular in Europe than they are in the United States, although they are becoming more popular. After doing several makeup only advent calendars I have found that it’s just too much makeup so I definitely prefer a mixture of skincare items. Rituals is already a favorite brand of mine, in part because of the opportunities I have had to try them via Tryazon! Check out my Ritual of the Sakura video and my review of the Ritual of the Dao calming treat.

Please note that the video on the rest of this view contains FULL SPOILERS for the calendar!!!

2019 Ritual of Advent details

The Rituals 2019 Ritual of Advent calendar retails for $74.50 and is available at Lord & Taylor or the official Rituals website. Many of the individual items are available other places that carry Rituals products like Ulta and Macy’s but if you want the calendar you’ll need to get it at one of those two places.

The first thing I noticed about this calendar is that it is really a great deal. I paid $123 for the LookFantastic calendar last year (including shipping from the UK). Comparable calendars from L’Occitane and Kiehl’s start at $99 and the Elemis calendar is $250!

If you watched my YouTube video you saw that the box is shaped like a Christmas tree with fold-out parts that come off, I thought I had ripped it but luckily they do pop in and out easily. Presentation-wise I think this would make wonderful gift if you can stand to give it away once you see it!

Spoilers ahead!!!

Ritual of Advent 2019

Ritual of the Advent 2019 Review

Items included:

  • Mini Candle Private Collection Oriental Vetiver
  • Mini Candle Private Collection Sacred Saffron
  • Mini Candle Private Collection Savage Garden
  • Mini Candle Private Collection Precious Amber
  • The Ritual of Karma Soap Bar
  • The Discovery Collection Bath & Shower gel
  • Amsterdam Collection Body Mist
  • Amsterdam Collection Hand Wash
  • The Ritual of Namaste Hydrating Ampoule
  • The Ritual of Namaste Purifying Charcoal Wonder Mask
  • The Ritual of Namaste Velvety Smooth Cleansing Foam
  • The Ritual of Namaste Pure Face Oil
  • The Ritual of Sakura Shower Scrub
  • The Ritual of Samurai Foaming Shower Gel Sport
  • The Ritual of Hammam Black Soap
  • The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel
  • The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil VATA
  • The Ritual of Samurai Shower Gel
  • The Ritual of Dao Night Balm
  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Body Cream
  • Exfoliating glove
  • Nail file
  • Miracle travel wipes

I absolutely love how every day has something for you to read. They truly incorporate the ritual part of the brand into every part of this calendar! I love the variety of scents, some were new to me and some were favorites like the Ritual of the Dao and the Ritual of the Happy Buddha.

I only have two criticisms. The first is that while they do include several foaming shower gels they did not include my favorite product, the shower oil. I thought it was very odd when I tried it but I absolutely love it for my dry skin which gets even more dry in the winter! Second was the nail file. Everything else in the calendar felt very on-brand for Rituals but the nail file felt thrown in because they ran out of items/ideas. I would much rather have had another scent in the small soap or even another pack of travel wipes.

All in all I give it 4.5/5 stars! Highly recommend. None of the links in this article are affiliate links, they are just for your convenience. Also I highly recommend joining Tryazon if you would like your own items to try!

Ritual of Advent 2019

My 21 Days of Beauty Picks Plus One Product to Avoid

Every year beauty lovers anxiously await the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty deals! I am no different except this year I am on a low-buy, I’m consciously not spending money on makeup and beauty until I use more of my stash. If you’re interested in a tour of my epic stash check out this video on my YouTube channel.
I am however, human and a makeup addict so I will be picking up a few things. In chronological order, here are my picks for must have buys plus one to skip.

dose of colors desi x katy friendcation palette and teami blends green tea detox mask

Although I am not indulging in either of today’s deals, I am very tempted! The Dose of Colors Friendcation palette is beautiful. I also want to try the Green Tea Detox mask from Teami (use code Not26 for 10% off) because I love their teas. I will definitely be trying it once my mask stash is smaller than it currently is.

Peter thomas roth hungarian thermal moisturizer, get drenched kit, and free potent-c gift

Another pick is the Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Moisturizer. I love PTRs hydration moisturizers. There are several PTR deals during 21 days. One of the deals that is available during the whole event is the “Get drenched” kit which contains hands down my fav moisturizer for dry and aging skin, the Peter Thomas Roth water drench cloud cream. Don’t miss the free gift with $35 PTR purchase if you snag either of these deals!


Tarte tarteist pro glow & blush palette remix and pro remix amazonian clay palette

One deal I AM getting is the tarte tarteist pro glow blush palette remix addition. I was planning on buying this with the next 20% off prestige coupon so I’m psyched to get it at 50% off. I’m skipping the eyeshadow palette since I definitely don’t need more eyeshadow.


tarte tartlette toasted palette

I already have the tartelette toasted palette but if you don’t, this is a great time to pick it up! If you love warm tones and orangey red neutrals this is for you. Similar to Urban Decay Naked Heat but better quality in my opinion.

Urban decay eyeshadow singles and origins travel & trial kit

Urban Decay singles are great for grabbing a shade or two without the space a whole palette takes up. Even at $10 they add up though so a palette might be a better deal depending on what shades you’re looking for! I will be grabbing Half baked.
If you’ve been wanting to try Origins this travel & trial set is perfect. The Ginzing products are some of my favorites. The eye cream is one I’ve repurchased multiple times.

Lime crime venus 3 palette

Lastly one item I recommend avoiding is the Lime Crime Venus 3 palette. I purchased this one sale but still found it to be really disappointing. Several colors look exactly the same on the eye and it’s so amusing that they claim to be “no fade” because they fade even when I use a primer (I’ve tried different ones) and setting spray. I can’t speak to the quality of the first two but I will be decluttering the Venus 3. Not worth $19!

What items are you picking up during this sale?

A $5 Dupe for Huda Beauty that is Good Quality!

I found an affordable dupe for huda beauty obsessions that is good quality

When I first saw the $5.50 UCanBe Makeup dupe for Huda Beauty Gemstone obsessions and Mauve Obsessions, called Mask, I figured I’d spend a couple dollars and make a video about a poorly made dupe from China. I was shocked at the quality of this palette.

Is Made in china makeup any good?

Actually a lot of familiar low-priced brands have their makeup made in China, like Morphe for example, so just because a brand is Chinese it does not mean that it is bad quality. I was shocked at how closely some of the shades swatched, here is an example:
UcanBe Mask palette vs Huda Gemstone Obsessions swatches
You can see live swatches and all the shades compared in my YouTube video at the top of the post!

what is a dupe, is it the same as a fake?

The difference between a dupe (short for duplicate) and a fake palette is that a dupe does not claim to be the palette that it is similar to. Fake makeup will say it’s Kyle Cosmetics or Jeffree star and look very similar, it can be very difficult to tell what makeup is fake because they try as hard as they can to look exactly like the real thing. Dupes do not claim to be the designer palette – this palette for example is the UCanBe Makeup Mask palette. While it has made colors similar to the Huda Beauty Gemstone obsessions it has completely different packaging and does not try to hide that it is by another company. Fakes will often contain harmful ingredients that can make you sick, cause allergic reactions, or are carcinogenic, since they are not regulated. Legitimate brands that make dupes, such as UCanBe and other popular dupe brands like Copycat Beauty, Bad Habit, FaceCandy, and the brands you can find on the Hush app list their ingredients just like other reputable makeup brands. Some mix up the colors in the palette and give them different names than the original, while others look exactly the same as what they are duping.

Will I have a bad reaction to a dupe?

Since dupes list their ingredients, unlike fakes, if you know that you react to a certain ingredient like talc or carmine, you can avoid that palette. I have used almost every color in the UCanBe Mask palette and I have not had any itching, redness, or negative reactions to the shades. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to ingredients even in name brand makeup and it is possible to have a reaction to any makeup. I find my skin to be a little more sensitive than average but it’s not super sensitive so just because I did not have any bad reactions it doesn’t mean that you will not.
Ucanbe Mask compared to Huda Gemstone Obsessions

UcanBe Mask Palette dupe for Huda Gemstone Obsessions

I purchased the UCanBe Mask palette from Amazon using a discount code that they shared on their Instagram. Currently the palette is $10.99 on Amazon.