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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette review



Sweet Peach Palette



The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is not a palette that I would have purchased for myself. I won it in an Instagram giveaway and it wasn’t new at the time, it was already a palette I had seen but Too Faced is a brand that has zero consistency in quality. I don’t love the attitude of the brand either. When I won this, it was before the “Rich Lives Matter” controversy and the rude comments that Jerrod’s sister made about NikkieTutorials (although it was already out there that they shafted Nikkie by giving her & PR packages a different palette for her video than they actually sold to consumers and had her sign a contract for way less money than most influencers get for collabs.) Wow, as I write this I’m realizing just how many shady things Too Faced has done, just that I know of! Why do so many people and brands get dragged for all their controversies and we forget Too Faced is cheating Influencers and defrauding consumers?!?


I already wasn’t a big Too Faced fan due to some of their products being great quality and some being worse than the cheapest drugstore products. To me, a brand needs to be consistent in quality so you know what you’re getting. I had tried some Too Faced palettes but hadn’t fallen in love with any before I received this one. It’s easy to see why it’s a classic. It makes me wonder why they didn’t just stick to putting out a few good quality palettes every year vs churning out product after product after product. Although I will say the Tutti Frutti palettes are two of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. But I digress…

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

My favorite shades in the palette:

  • Candied Peach
  • Bellini
  • Caramelized
  • Luscious
  • Nectar

My Thoughts On the Sweet Peach Palette

The Sweet Peach palette is a great neutral palette with a few fun colors thrown in for versatility. This is a great everyday palette. If I had a collection of only 4-5 palettes I would want this one in the mix for every day work looks. Their mattes are good not great but I think this palette has some of the best mattes of any Too Faced palette I have tried.

I think this palette would be great for students too because when you’re in high school or college you don’t have a ton of money to spend on makeup but you have some pinks, some golds, a lot of nature browns, plus a deep purple and sparkly blue-black. I could easily make 5 or 6 very different looks from this palette.

If you don’t like peach scented stuff or if you react to scents, that would be the one drawback of the palette. I do have a small reaction to some of the peach scented products but I love peach, it’s one of my favorite scents, so I love that aspect of it.


7 out of 10


The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette retails for $49


It is available at:
Macy’s their set includes a primer and mascara for free!
and Too Faced’s website



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Lucy’s Day 7 Look

For day 7 Lucy chose the Pat McGrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction palette!

It retails for $125 but if you are reading this on the day it is published (April 24th) Pat is having a 20% off sale on her website!

This palette won a Best of Beauty 2019 award from Allure!

Product List

All the products I used in this look:

  • tarte Tarteguard tinted moisturizer light
  • Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic acid concealer Light 40N neutral
  • Ulta brow tint light
  • Estee lauder sumptuous extreme mascara
  • LORAC x Pirates of the Caribbean cheek palette
  • Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Are You Filming?

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette neutral makeup look


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